• NXT Armour Barrier Coatings 10 Liter (NXT-ARM8010)

High-performance NXT Armour Barrier Coatings protects metal, concrete and plastic surfaces against damage from water, air and chemicals as well as salt spray and other corrosive elements.  Moreover, NXT Armour Barrier Coatings retain outstanding toughness and flexibility to resist cracking and ensure a long, maintenance-free service life.

NXT Armour Barrier Coatings provide outstanding adhesion to metals as well as non-polar materials such as plastics and composites. NXT Armour Barrier Coatings exhibit exceptional substrate adhesion, durability and corrosion-resistance.  Our Barrier coatings are ideal for the protection of piping, concrete, architectural structures and vehicle undercarriages. The coatings can also be used in building envelope applications such as waterproofing foundations and other structure sections.

Features and Benefits

• Excellent barrier against air and water incursion

• Excellent resistance to corrosion from salt spray and chemicals

• Superior substrate adhesion on metal and non-polar materials

• Highly elastic for improved toughness

Recommended Grades

• NXT Armour Non-polar (Plastics & Composites)

• NXT Armour Polar substrates (Metals, Galvanised and Alloy’s)


• Pipe corrosion protection

• Architectural coatings

• Building envelope waterproofing

• Direct to metal corrosion resistance

• Concrete waterproofing and ice resistance

• Automotive aftermarket rust resistance

Performance Test Data on FG1901 Formulation (2 mil coating on cold rolled steel panel)

Formulation exhibits superior salt spray resistance

• 3500 hours salt spray under ASTM B117

 • Loss of <0.1% of coating

 • Scribed panel exhibits 4 grade (<1/4” creep) after 2000 hours

Achieves excellent adhesion to metal

• 5B, or 0% loss in cross hatch testing under ASTM D 3359

• >280 psi adhesion under ASTM D 4541 pull-off testing

Best in class toughness

• 160 in-lbs direct and indirect impact under ASTM 2794

• Passes QUV under ASTM D4587 for 1000 hours

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NXT Armour Barrier Coatings 10 Liter (NXT-ARM8010)

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